SDS-drills start at 4mm, so they should be OK for those screws. You can see the marks, and can, if you are observant, identify some particular joists as having been in a particular place. HIT — a light duty expansion fastener for use in concrete and masonry that consists of a drive pin and anchor body made of a zinc alloy. Considering that I was drilling a hole the same size as the chuck capacity, in known very hard concrete, I think it did very well. You probably have your mind made up already, but try one and you will be amazed at the difference. Carbide tipped drills need to be sharp just like steel twist drills. But I already knew about the gravel.

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If you hit rebar, immediately change to a rebar cutter drill until though, then change back.

Best wishes to our valued customers for a New Year’s season filled with Joy. Fixture Hole Diameter The hole in the fixture or material being fastened must be larger than the designated diameter of the anchor.

As hilit any anchoring project, it is important to keep safety in mind and follow instructions carefully. If Tapcons are the tapcpn that screw directly into concrete, they are worthless in concrete that is that hard. I did not have the legendary Hilti- What I did have was epoxy putty.

I bet it is it is the jasper, flint, basalt and quartz gravel in the mix. I didn’t event want to go through, I just wasn’t prepared for the difference. Hole tolerance is critical hhilti the use of the proper size bit is important to achieve the proper size and shape hole that is required for the tapcon concrete screw to achieve its minimum holding values.


Installation Document Technical Document. It would probably be easier to cover the entire wall with bondo to make it level.

What I do is to use some liquid nails or other construction adhesive in that area and then move the hole over, testing the aggragate until I find an area nearby where I can penetrate. Below that the limiting factor is the strength of the bond between cement and aggregate.

How do I determine the size of bit needed for my Tapcon® screw?

It may also be used in overhead applications. These two dimensions must match the size of the tapcon being installed in order for the tapcon to achieve the holding value requirements. In harder masonry materials, short style Lag Shields are used to reduce hhilti time. It is a piece of crap. It pretty much sucks for hammer drilling in hard concrete.

My house was about 35 yrs old when I bought it.

The particular concrete mix makes a difference too. Bottom line is for those that want to punch holes in concrete or stone, there is no comparison between a hammer drill and a rotary hammer. This concrete is HARD, and the aggregate is even harder. To purchase the American-made Thunderstud wedge anchor, callor purchase the standard wedge anchor on-line. Probably at least 50 years old at that time. Hah, I’ll trade ya for the walls in the last house I lived in Sure we could spec everything with 10, lb concrete when 3, would be adequate but why waste the money?


This a “machining site” so knowledge of tools is part of the genome well I don’t bother with cheap drill bits – mine are all Hilti or Bosch brands. Out fairly new house 60 years old has been a pain to drill into until I borrowed a Hilti.

I think your drill would be much slower in this than you are used to. Unfortunately sometimes it is NOT so nice when things stay the same. If “some pressure” is “little pressure”, OK.

The usually have 4 cutting tips instead of the single piece in your picture. The drill spins and spins till it burns.

Anchoring Reference Shelf

Jim If I can’t get a smaller hole in, I also can’t get a bigger hole in. The tapcon drill is just a nub. Remember, the wall is anchored on top as well as the bottom.