Holy crap that is a lot of bloat. Third Party Wireless Card. The cheapest solution for those is an Airport Express in bridge mode. Most of the work was done by three ex-students from the University of Waterloo: OK reddit, maybe I’m just stupid, but can anyone tell me why someone would plug in an extra wireless adapter to their Mac? I can change the MAC on my no problem. The adapter restart code checks if you wanted a custom mac, if not it reads the mac from the eeprom.

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Log in or sign up in seconds. The card in question was not that important HALs for other cards can be written.

Support for IntelĀ® PRO/Wireless ABG Network Connection

Nice and check that your laptop has place for a full space wifi card. They put the closing parens on separate lines. My Toshiba had every driver except the wireless card. So yes, useful fusion reactors are still nowhere to be seen. So, yeah, a good number of people have written an OS from scratch, especially if you consider things about as complex as MS-DOS ‘operating systems’.


I done some searching and apparently a Dell Will do the trick. I looked at a pinned topic with a table with the compatible cards which are colour coded. Cannot assign requested address eth1 is my wireless card dave laxtop2: I think he meant WEP, or at least I hope he did. Anyone know how to get this baby working? We will now show that it is still possible to decrypt traffic in a chopchop like manner and to send packets with a custom content.

Will the dark green ones work straight out of the box without any kexts. I never could get it to work. I bought a RaLink card that had a linux driver on the CD that could not be loaded, as it was compiled by a different GCC than my kernel was.

This driver used to work on my a few years ago: Check out our faq. Thanks, but no thanks. Man writes entire operating system from scratch, by himself, in assembly. I used to fix Toshiba laptops, the model numbers just won’t leave my head. ,ac, and I had to write my own assembler for the computer as well.

Intel 3945 Wireless Driver for Snow Leopard [Hackintosh]

This is far more work than just making a kernel. Data link types use option -y to set: Everyone stands on someone 3945avg shoulders. How do I tell if it’s half or full?


I think it would be cleverer to use a PC platform that supported 3rd party hardware.

The firmware on many big-brand wireless cards forbid MAC spoofing. The difference is that it would at least stop random people from eating your bandwidth. Looks like I’ll be trying it again now that he has the driver working 3945abh it.

Sign in with Twitter. Most of the work was done by three ex-students from the University of Waterloo: When I do, I usually get stuck and quit.

Intel(R) Pro/Wireless Abg Mac Os X Driver | downyload

I have an old G4 tower and an iMac that this will help out. Sign up for a new account in our community.

Man, it’d be great if he’d tackle the Intel ABG.