It is available from Netscape’s Web site. Since the June release of Beta 1, over 18, new registered users have downloaded the tool. Run from an xterm. I’m sure it is possible, but there has been no concise effort towards this idea. That said, I intend to renege on my statement that I would abide by the vote. I am not above a brute force approach to solving problems.

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Where do you get it?

MultiSync 25th Anniversary – The Evolution of the MultiSync

If you need to reset your password, click multisjnc. Welcome to Linux Gazette! They are also very strict in observing proper behavior, such as no swearing. You can easy build and manage complex environments.

My reply to Alligator was as follows: Mark Harrison, markh usai. Lots of good stuff. Linux is being adopted for server applications and they hope that that will be enough to get people to make the effort to learn how to use it.

Linux Installation Primer2 LG #33

This release features better Renderpark integration, some new concepts, multisyn bugfixes and enhancements. I’ve fixed the Muse to expand to fill the aviailable space! Instantly, the impact on productivity is amplified. This beta includes slight layout modifications, ports to Cray and other 64 bit machines as well as lots of bug fixes and small additions from users.


Connection request from Mag Innovision ccn Tested Working No model number listed on device original innovision? One-click view of MSWord files in Netscape. Needs to be turn it off and on after boot screen loaded and sometimes when loading X.

The University also provided the Congress with a small number of Linux computers connected to the Internet for those participants who found it hard to be away from the keyboard for too long. Robert Ferney, rferney spillman.

Basic install and using kde, windowmaker looks good, did not do any extensive tests – “out of range” error until linux actually boots. I suggest, during your experimentation, that you only run this early version while connected to the Net, if possible.

The screen just said, “Please check video cables”. I believe this one should work but until i get linx ps2 could someone please test it.

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For more information, please see For more information: In its original form, it comprised a single daemon process dialmon which ran on the Linux box in parallel to daildand a client dialm to run on the Windows client. Came on after about 7 seconds.


I am not above a brute force approach to solving problems. MkLinux support in the near future is planned as is SparcLinux. Its not a very good excuse, but it is the reality of trying to do this column.

NEC MultiSync 5FG – CRT monitor – 17″ Overview – CNET

The form doesn’t appear to be on their web site, so you’ll probably need to send email to the above contact address to request a copy of the form. Windows 98 works ok for me, but I’m frustrated by it’s instability.

Called “Belinea Netherlands”, told only expensive models support SoG, not “starters”. SoG works when switching between inputs. Prolifics 4 Standard is our upcoming 2-tier product release due out 4Q Find More Posts by lavelle. This works pretty well.